• Image of Bento Box 13

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Digital print on archival photo paper
Size 14" x 16"
Edition of 10
Signed and numbered

This series titled Bento Box, has each image deriving from the same original photograph. every image has had its various levels & colors changed and enhanced to give each image its own unique identity. And yet being from the the exact same framework as the other images, it means that though they are unique they are all from the sam source and are therefore as one.
For me this is represents how human beings are so vastly different & completely unique and individual. And yet we are all the same and are thus all connected to each other, yet we continually seek out our differences between us and then use them to create suffering.
I ponder this as such my ultimate desire is for peace on Earth & happiness for all human beings. So I guess I'm trying to understand why we do this to each other. And then I am hoping that by seeing ourselves do this we may want to make a change in that direction.