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Acrylic paint, graphite, epoxy clear coat, newspaper with wood glue on used & damaged dining chair
The art piece titled “When your life falls through ” is a mixed media piece constructed around a used dining chair and is symbolic of the intense struggle and difficulties that fell upon me in 2010. I suffered through financial devastation in the beginning of the year which closed my business. This resulted in my home being foreclosed on by the bank, losing my art studio and finally having my wife taking the children from me and leaving me on the streets with no money. I went through being homeless sleeping in my work van and on vacant construction sites. All my artwork sat in a storage lockup. Having no studio to do my art I relied on the good will of a good friend and fellow artist, who give me use of his own studio so that he could keep my hand in. This piece was completed at the studio of Serbian artist Luka Kristich RIP who was a long time friend and confidant.
Exhibited and sold at auction at the Pershing Square "Festival of Lights" group show 2010
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